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Team leader, supervisor, operations manager, director, head of service… whatever the job title, those who achieve objectives through people play a crucial role in organisations. And this role requires effective development from the skills to carry out practical day-to-day tasks – communicating, agreeing objectives, giving feedback and support – to defining mission, mission, direction and strategy.

I have facilitated this development in public and private sector settings and have performed the management role myself. Such development has included bite-sized sessions, running management forums and CPD activities, the creation of leadership and management and competence/behavioural frameworks, and organisation-wide development programmes and qualifications.

representative client engagement

Andrew has worked with the UK’s leading fuel distributor on a number of initiatives including the development of a behaviour framework, underpinning the organisation’s values, enhancements to the performance appraisal scheme and has delivered facilitation skills training to internal values champions.
The most significant project has been working with this company and an external supplier on the development and delivery of a leadership and management development programme. Approximately 500 managers attended this structured programme over two years and measurement to assess the impact of this on key organisational measures was carried out.

Andrew was integral in the design of our Leadership Essentials Programme. Andrew possesses excellent knowledge in the broad field of learning and development, this along with his pragmatic approach where he is determined to find the most suitable approach for our organisation meant the impact of having Andrew on the project was all positive. The direct impact Andrew had was that the programme delivered not only met the specification I provided and our return on investment measures but exceeded it in terms of learning outcomes and delegate experience. Having worked with Andrew on more than one occasion now I would certainly recommend Andrew to other clients. His skills in scoping training requirements, designing content and training delivery are all excellent. This with his professional and friendly approach means it is a pleasure to work with Andrew and it made the experience of developing a complex leadership programme hassle free for me!

Emma Wordsworth, HR Director at Certas Energy

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